Addons for backend Prestashop

Addons for the administration panel, add improvements to the Prestashop backend to facilitate the management of Prestashop stores. From points of sale, statistics, integrations or any other management that makes daily tasks easier for us.

They are addons that improve Prestashop functionalities at management level, they add improvements for the backend in our daily tasks.

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Uvinum Market Place

Module for prestashop 1.7 developed by 4webs with the purpose of allowing you to synchronize your stock automatically with Uvinum.


Massive Orders management

It allows you to perform general actions for several orders at once, edit states, download invoices, view the contents of the orders or export the data to a csv. One of the most comprehensive to manage bulk orders modules.


Validate Customers b2b shop

Allows you to validate new registered customers and activate B2B mode in the shop.
Allows you to set the option to not show prices to unregistered visitors.


Validate Orders

Validate store orders to reduce errors in packaging and shipping. Saving costs caused by mistakes in packaging or picking.


Order exporter

Allows to export your store orders, registering your orders in files between dates or orders that meet certain conditions. Moreover, it allows to organize the export columns to adapt it to any reader you need.


Powershop connector

Module for Prestashop 8, 1.7, 1.6 and 1.5 that allows to connect Powershop with Prestashop and that is synchronized in real time.


Promofarma marketplace connector for Prestashop

Module for prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 developed by 4webs with the purpose of allowing you to synchronize your products with Promofarma and import the orders from promofarma to your prestashop.