Powershop connector
From: up to 8.1.0

Prestashop Certified module

Prestashop module which allows sync a Prestashop store using the Powershop PS_INTERFACE and in-the-middle database.

Powershop connection with Prestashop

The most complete solution to connect your Powershop ERP with your Prestashop store, download orders and customers, prices and stock updates and products in the store from the program.

The module buy includes the setup and configuration in the customer store and also, the consulting necessary to start it.

Powershop connector
Powershop connector
  • Order sync by status.
  • Customer sync.
  • Simple product sync.
  • Products with combinations.
  • Single warehouse sync.
Powershop connector
Powershop connector

Additional options:

  • Yearly maintenance to solve problems.
  • Multi-store ready.
  • Sizes and colours.
  • Additional languages.
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