Order exporter
From: up to 8.0.4

Prestashop Certified module

The order exporter is a module that allows you to export the orders in files by date ranges. It also includes an option to organize the columns, so you can adapt it to any format you need.

Order export to EXCEL and CSV in Prestashop

It solves the need for an effective export of orders to other external programs, such as accountancy programs, ERP and company management software.

Order exporter
Order exporter
Order exporter
  • Export your orders in csv or xlsx.
  • Fields can be sorted easily.
  • Choose the fields you want to export.
Order exporter
Order exporter
  • Filters by date range, customer groups, order statuses, payment methods and / or carriers, choose the options you need and export the orders in csv or xlsx.
  • Multi-store ready, choose which store you want Prestashop orders to be exported to.

The mandatory module to export Prestashop orders to a CSV or XLSX format to integrate it with your accounting program.

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