Video is an excellent method to increase sales, since its audiovisual format focuses the attention of the user and focuses on the content we transmit in our video.


The product video is a good showcase to give the customer a preview of how the product will be acquired, how it works or what will be done by them in a simple and effective way, standing out from the competition .


Videos for online stores



90% of online shoppers claim that the video helps them in the purchase decision and 85% is willing to buy on video pages because audiovisual content makes the product more attractive and helps them understand.


Product videos


Through a video, you can show in a few seconds, how is a product in detail, in the case of clothes how you are left, in the case of other consumer products the uses that the product has.


That's why product videos can generate 50-100% more confidence, which will translate into more sales.


The videos position you


Videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than any other content.


Most social networks are already implementing practices to make the videos have the maximum possible impact. Do you still think the videos are not important?


Excellent content strategy


The use of video marketing is an effective and affordable strategy that allows any company or business, including independent entrepreneurs, to promote their products or services using video over the network.

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