Prestashop integrations with your company's ERP will enable you to aggressively and effectively manage your online business.

We have bidirectional integrations on any ERP or Software that your company uses, we have a long experience in integrations with SAGE Murano, Logic, OpenerP, PowerShop, Factusol, Icecat, among others.

Integrate Prestashop with your ERP

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How do you connect Prestashop?


Prestashop Synchronization


If your ERP, CRM or company software allows, we can integrate it in real time with Prestashop.

Bidirectional synchronization


We connect your ERP with Prestashop so that the products are created automatically in Prestashop when high in ERP or management program.


Any order you have in your online store will automatically go to your ERP by discounting the stock.

Uranus, Logic, OpenERP, PowerShop, Factusol, Icecat, among others.

Integration with suppliers


No matter the technology or the software of the store, we craft the e-shop to offer an eCommerce product Adapted to current standards of quality and usability.


We express the possibilities of Prestashop, adjusting it to your needs to make it the most powerful tool on the market.

E-commerce Integration


We are prepared to integrate your virtual store with your ERP, software or supplier , a proper integration will allow the company to be agile in making decisions.


The goal is to automate tasks, reduce errors and be able to synchronize any layer of information you need for virtual store management.

Integration with platforms


If you work with another sales platform, with a CRM, with a marketplace and have your own connection API, we can connect it with Prestashop.


Inventory, purchase, payment and shipping all through the API in a simple way.

Prestashop Connector


We have experience in connecting Prestashop with some of the market ERP, Logic Class, Sage Murano, Odoo ...


If you work with another ERP or system consult us to be able to study your case and be able to offer you the best solution.

Initial imports


We make large imports or initials in Prestashop , with the requirements and needs that the client indicates to us.


We can import data to Prestashop from your data from the file excel, csv, dbf, access, xml, txt or the format that indicates us.

POS Point of sale for Prestashop


If you have a point of sale terminal with possibility of integration, we can connect it directly to Prestashop or work with some of our modules for Prestashop .


Avoid duplicate referrals, stock shrinkage.

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