Content is KING


Buy our article packs for blogs or online stores a quick and inexpensive way to position yourself on Google, but above all to sell more.


content marketing or content marketing is the art of preparing valuable content and distributing it for free with the idea of attracting potential customers through search engines or social networks, and at the same time, to be loyal to your current customers with quality items that generate value, such as reviews, opinions, help articles, press releases, etc. Our goal is to make branding, branding, branding and branding.


Content features for your website

Contents of 600 base length words

  • - Valid for blog content.
  • - Valid for product and category texts.
  • - You can combine items to increase your extension.

Original and quality content

  • - The client indicates a title or reference and the content is prepared exclusively for him.
  • - Articles written by marketing specialists, 100% original texts.

Optimized and conversion-oriented texts

  • - We write for the user and the search engine.
  • - Our goal is to increase conversion.
  • - We talk about your products.

Drafted in 5 days

  • - Once the client delivers the documentation is delivered in a week, urgent cases will have a 10% increase per day.
  • - Delivered in a word, consult model delivery on your web.
* Prices are without VAT.
* They are delivered with a copyright-free image.
* No modifications of texts are allowed.
* If you require optimized and layout on blog or store, the price will be x2.

Why use a content marketing strategy?


People search the internet for solutions to their problems or needs, do not look for sites that try to sell their products to the first, the idea is to build trust, credibility and authority within the sector in which you move, to do this, It is best to use a good content strategy, once you have managed to connect with your customer, it will be easier to sell your products.


Content marketing advantages


The advantages are clear:
Confidence , if you publish quality content regularly you will generate trust among your readers, which in the end will result in sales.
More sales , having more content will have more potential customers and therefore more sales.
Authority , you will become a reference in your sector and your customers will buy you to be a specialist of the products you sell.
Positioning , undoubtedly writing articles in a blog, you'll be able to reference your store's products and gain authority over Google.


What types of content can you buy?


You can mainly buy content for your blog, but we have clients who request us content for the descriptions of their products or categories, remember that copying content from your manufacturers is penalized by Google, we will prepare unique and succulent descriptions for Google to Index and position as naturally as possible.

In your blog we can prepare content for your industry, we have highly qualified editors to prepare this content, from tutorials, reviews, press releases or general and current content that your client is interested in, you just have to provide a reference, a title and those keywords that you want to position to try to position by that search criteria and compose the content as accurate as possible to your needs.

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