Prestapos: Point of Sale for stores
From: up to 8.1.0

Prestashop Certified module

POS point of sale module for Prestashop, if you have a physical store and you want to charge your customers with an integrated application inside Prestashop this is the market most complete point of sale

TPV POS Point of sale for Prestashop

Point of sale for physical stores, charge in your store and make printed tickets or electronic tickets, parking tickets, goods returns with a barcode scanner. Scan the products in an easy way and get your business fully integrated with the stock updated in realtime.

The most complete POS for Prestashop...

Prestapos: Point of Sale for stores
Prestapos: Point of Sale for stores
Prestapos: Point of Sale for stores
  • Customize the ticket, add your logo, the employee, the company data and the selling conditions.
  • Electronic tickets, your customers will get a ticket copy on their email.
  • Allows connecting a thermal ticket printer and a barcode scanner.
  • Default ticket width sizes 60mm, 80mm and 100mm
  • Gift ticket printing
Prestapos: Point of Sale for stores
Prestapos: Point of Sale for stores
  • Cashbox arching with daily log.
  • Search products by EAN, REFERENCE, or name.
  • Customize your start screen with your favourite products.
  • Download all your electronic tickets email addresses for mailing.
  • Customize the price rates by customer group.
  • Make amending invoices returning the stock to the system again.
  • All your sells in a single panel, with shorting by multiple criteria

With more exclusive functions we are developing every month in the POS for Prestashop, cashbox incomes and outcomes, employee discounts or price change notifications, employee cashbox assignment, create all the cashboxes you need for different stores, make refunds scanning the barcode.

Prestapos: Point of Sale for stores
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