Barcode Labels
From: up to 8.1.0

Prestashop Certified module

Module for manage all the store products on an easy and fast way using barcodes EAN13 or UPC. Mass import barcodes with name, price, size, reference and barcode.

EAN printing in Prestashop

Includes an order validator. Minimize the order handling errors thanks to their ORDER validation by barcode. And also, quickly manage your inventory and update the stock in an easy way.

Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels
  • Allows to generate product barcodes with or without combination
  • Mass barcode import by product.
  • Instant-printing function or tag saving for a later printing of all tags together
  • Tag configurator with most used models, also you can customize the sizes.
  • Order validation by barcode function, if all your products uses our system you will be able to validate product by product the order using the barcode scaner before sending it and you will avoid errors and shipping costs.
Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels
  • Mass stock updater using barcodes, you will be able to make an all-store inventory to mass update stocks.
  • CSV file examples to know the module working.
  • Compatible with these tags: APLI, 5STAR. we can add any tag if you give to us the size.
  • Ability to include gifts in the products and they will be validated in the order.
  • Backup of all barcodes.

The most efficient way to work with a barcode scanner inside Prestashop. Save time!

Barcode Labels
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