Default Combination
From: up to 8.1.0

Prestashop Certified module

Module for Prestashop 1.7 or earlier versions that allows you to reactivate products that appear out of stock when the default combination runs out.

Prestashop attributes always active

A very useful module for clothing or shoe stores, product stores with combinations, sizes, colors, etc. Since normally when the default combination runs out, in the Prestashop listings the product appears as out of stock, when in fact it does have stock. The module marks another default combination if when there is an order and detects that there is no stock of the default combination.

Module verified, validated and certified by PRESTASHOP.

Default Combination
Default Combination
Default Combination
  • It is activated the moment an order is completed and the product has a combination.
  • It allows you to massively update all your out-of-stock products to a default combination so that they are displayed as available.
  • It has a double functionality. On the one hand, it acts automatically as the stock changes, and on the other, it performs a massive update when making the change for the first time with the first installation of the module.
Default Combination
Default Combination
  • Cover picture change based on user-chosen criteria.
  • Option to mass correct products without default combination.
  • Allows to select which type of combination should be selected as default, if higher price, lower price, higher stock or lower stock.

Forget about changing the default store combination, let the module manage for you based on your criteria.

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