Paypal with fee
From: up to 8.1.0

Prestashop Certified module

Paypal module for Prestashop which allows the user to apply a fee to the customers who pays with Paypal, with more and exclusive functions, all more advanced than the official Paypal module. New Option "Pay Later"

Pretashop Paypal with fee

The module is fully configurable, we can set the fee / commission percentage that Paypal charge to us, by default we set it as a 3.5% plus a fixed 0.35€, fully administrable. Easy and quick install. Sandbox mode to test it.

Paypal with fee
Paypal with fee
Paypal with fee
  • The customizable fee allows setting a fixed commission and a variable percentage.
  • Add Widgets "Pay Later"
  • Allows setting a maximum total amount to auto-disable the module.
  • You can make refunds directly from the Prestashop order without needing to go into the Paypal website
  • Install & configuration with the three API Paypal parameters
Paypal with fee
Paypal with fee
  •  You can set the fee with or without taxes
  •  The invoice with disaggregated VAT, the fee will be treated as an order line
  •  Choose products which you do not want to be paid with Paypal, you can select individually, by brands or categories
  •  Improved round options
  •  Works with all the currencies supported by Paypal

Forget the Paypal commissions! The easiest way to integrate Paypal in Prestashop

Paypal with fee
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