How it works?


Create a customer account and accept the affiliate conditions.
Now, you are one of us!


Enjoy promotional materials, banners, urls...etc Share your contents in your blog or page!


Get up to 40% commission for every new user. Every purchase they do you'll earn money!

We show you our Prestashop affiliate program where you can ean money easily just by recommending us and turn the visits into purchases. You will have a control panel where you can see the visits and the purchases you made...

When you get 50€ in commissions as 4Webs affiliate We'll pay you the commission amount.

Our benefits


Enjoy a last interaction new attribution model "The latest cookie wins" and get a cookie lifespan of 60 days.


Get the commissions payments where you want and how you want, via wirebank payment or Paypal, with a minimal of 50€.


Get a quick sign up process. All the affiliate requests are approved by default.
It just takes a couple minutes to start!


Gete exclusive promotional rights when you reach the maximum level, our target is you to win a lot of money with us.

Frequent asked questions

If two users gets into the affiliate link which one wins?

In limit cases two customers may get into the we using the two different affiliates, in that case the attribution will be always the latest link that makes the sell.

How many time we keep the cookie

Since the customer visit our web through the affiliate link we keep the cookie 60 days.

When i'll get payed

To be able to pay commissions you need a minimum of 50€ earned in commissions, in that moment you'll need to send to us an invoice with the total amount and we'll pay you to the bank account you tell to us. From your customer panel you can upload your invoices and request the payment, in some days after the verification you'll can check it.

How the commissions are calculated?

The commissions are calculated about the product value without VAT or taxes, with the sell of any shop product. If a customer uses any discount voucher, you need to take in care that the value will be lower, always will be calculated within the final price without taxes.

All the products has commissions?

No, some products doesn't have commissions, we attach a product list with their commission is zero.

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  • Domains.
  • SSL Certificates.
  • Third-party software.