Bronze maintenance
Valid to all Prestashop versions
Service offered to you by official Prestashop agency

Prestashop Certified module

Do you need a Prestashop expert agency? If do you need it, with our plans you will be covered and will have all the help to evolve your business without worry about to program, design or improve your store

Monthly support for Prestashop

Our monthly plans for Prestashop are designed for your tranquillity, from a minimal 2 hours by month up to 20 monthly hours based on your needs, depending on the plan you will get different discounts for hour billed. We meet with our customers to serve them in less than 24 hours in working-hours.

Bronze maintenance
Bronze maintenance
  • Two working hours by month included in the monthly fee.
  • We will resolve all the technical doubts about the Prestashop tool.
  • Answer time under 24 hours in working-days.
  • You can use your monthly hours as you need: Consultory, programming, design, marketing. etc We have a multi-disciplinary team trained to resolve those tasks.
Bronze maintenance
Bronze maintenance
  • Payment using domiciled receipt by the end of the month.
  • We have three rates: BRONZE, SILVER AND GOLD. The price show in this page corresponds to the BRONZE one. You can expand all the hours you need the will be billed by the end of the month.
  • A daily report of your tasks and hours used by Google DATA STUDIO.
  • Trimestral minimun contract.

The best service we have as Oficial Prestashop Agency, for the best customers