Prestashop Module 1.6 Time and cost shipment of products

1.6 Prestashop Module to inform our customers when they will receive the products and amount have to pay for shipping. The module increases conversions thanks to the information provided to customers.
Shipping time and cost by product

Module for Prestashop 1.6 that allows inform our patients how long it will take to have the product and how much it will cost to ship the product or products carried in the basket, the information appears in more details, valid for any version Prestashop 1.6. Prestashop Prestashop 1.5 and 1.4.

Increase conversions of your store, to have the buyer all infomarción costs and delivery times on the purchase screen.

The module is configurable, can set a default time for all products at once and mark those products that we have in stock right away and we have to ask the provider, in this way, will inform the user when they will receive. In addition, the module will display the cost of shipping the product to the different carriers have configured in the store.

  • Indicates the time of collection of the carrier in our warehouse.
  • Set a tiemo delivery for all products.
  • Allows individually define the shipping time of each product.
  • Set whether there Saturday deliveries.
  • Enter the holidays of the year so that the client knows that day no delivery is made.
  • Select the carriers who want to be displayed to inform the customer shipping cost.
  • The module displays the information in the data sheet does not intervene in any proceedings, it is just for information.
  • Version Control
  • 17/02/2015 - v.1.0 Release.
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No había vista nada que hiciera lo que hace este módulo, es una buena idea informar a los clientes de la entrega de cada producto

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Shipping time and cost by product

Shipping time and cost by product

Module for Prestashop 1.6 and 1.5 to indicate to customers the time and cost of delivering the product. Increase conversions.

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